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"LIVING LIFE AS A JOYFUL BEING: be ready for whatever life brings!"

Joy Jangdhari is CEO of Joy Events LLC, an event planning business.  Joy is the  Founder of Operation Dare To Care LLC, an outreach program to assist families in stabilizing their lives and coping more effectively with pressures.  Ms. Jangdhari produced two TV Talk Shows ( Inspirational, Educational, and Motivational ) in New York City  "THE JOY JANGDHARI SHOW" and "MEN of MANhattan" show.  Joy also enjoys being a certified yoga teacher as well as a Yoga Therapist.  Joy Jangdhari is the Author of the much-acclaimed book.

 " Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!"   This book encapsulates the essence of the training she brings to the world!   Joy's programs give the participants the tools and techniques to successfully manage life in the 21st century.  Joy Jangdhari developed a whole new understanding what makes human beings do, what they do?  Jangdhari developed a whole new technology what we call the "Technology for your Psychology" which helps people literally design a life that they are pulled forward to what they want there life to be. Releasing all the self-sabotages and challenges that come up for people. 

 The programs and workshops provide participants with practical exercises including mindful breathing, introspection, climbing the emotional hill, calming the mind, letting go when buttons are being pushed and much more....

Producer of "MEN of MANhattan"

Joy Jangdhari Producer of "MEN of MANhattan" aired in New York over 1 million viewers 

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Joy Jangdhari

TV Talk show  

Joy Jangdhari  Producer of   TV  talk shows inspirational, educational and  motivational in New York City

 Corporate  Wellness Programs

For corporate retreats, meetings, conferences 

Author/ Speaker 

  • According to US & World Report, there is a growing demand for fitness and wellness coordination with the knowledge and skills to help people develop and sustain healthier lifestyles.  Joy Jangdhari Author of ""Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!" programs are for Personal & Professional development.

Videos of chapters of "Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!"

Chapter 1

Who wouldn't like a joyful life?  And a "guide " to get there? Why...yes please! Begin your reading of my guide to living life as a joyful being in that spirit ...enjoy!  Take a little or take a lot, but have fun!  Each step is meant to lighten your emotional load.  This is not a heavy weighted philosophy, but a study of possibilities. One thing the reader can add to this book to transform any hint of philosophy into real-life experience is ...


Chapter 2 

Welcome, all!  You are about to take a journey to explore new (and old!) paths, discover fresh perspectives, and create possibilities,  Through self-study, you will look at any belies, fears, reactions, and desires that limit you and prevent you from living fully, authentically and joyfully. You will uncover masks you made for yourself, You will create the awareness and balance of a clear and understanding mind.

Joy Events LLC - Letter  of appreciation   

Dear JRI and Friends, I just want to take a moment To thank Joy Jangdhari for the work she has done for this year's JRI  banquet and conference,  I can't take any credit for this one.  Joy has come to this event as a professional event planner and has transformed it into something amazing that now everybody wants to be a part of.  We are only halfway through the work, but really what she has done this year for our event is something that amazes me.  I could wait until it's  all over, but that would be inadequate thanks, I cannot wait to see it unfold!

President of JRI research institute 14th annual commemoration.   

Joy Jangdhari -CEO of  Joy Events LLC

Joy Jangdhari CEO  "Joy Events LLC " provides

 CE- CEU Programs for Health Care Professionals as well as

Personal and Professional Development for Corporate Wellness.

Joy Jangdhari is Leads outside the lines offering the cutting edge education in Wellness Programs to Reclaim your Health and Well-being.  Learn skills to reduce stress, Increase energy and focus, Change self-limiting habits, Overcome barriers to better choices & Create positive change! 

over 1 Million viewers

"MEN of MANhattan" Show


"The Joy Jangdhari Show" 


 "MEN of MANhattan"

Joy Jangdhari interview this show about the Department of Energy and how it works was aired was aired on New York City  TV stations.

"The Joy Jangdhari Show ' Interview with Carol Psaros

Our Mission

In 2002 Operation Dare To Care (ODTC) began with the goal of assisting military personnel and their families in stabilizing their lives and coping effectively with daily pressures.  Currently, Operation Dare To Care brings support, care, and skills to our military families.... so they can THRIVE, not just survive.

In 2002 Operation Dare To Care (ODTC) began, with the goal of assisting military personnel and their families in stabilizing their lives and coping effectively with daily pressures.  Currently, Operation Dare To Care's activities focus on providing educational presentations and outrograms for military personnel and their families.

Topics include stress relief, positive problem solving techniques relaxation, visualization and somatic exercises.  Presentations are given on-site within military family communities.  Seminars, workshops, discussions & private group sessions are available.  ODTC also assists in creating on-going support within the military family communities.

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