Joy Jangdhari

 Author/ Speaker

Ceo of-Joy Events 


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Operations Dare To Care

About Us

Founder & President Joy Jangdhari. In 2002 Operation Dare To Care (ODTC) began, with the goal of assisting 

military personnel and their families in stabilizing their lives and coping effectively with daily pressures. Currently,

 "Operation Dare To Care" activities focus on providing educational presentations and outreach programs

 for military personnel and their families.

Topics include stress relief, positive problem-solving techniques, relaxation, visualization, somatic exercises.

The information and examples are presented in a non-academic and straight-forward manner, designed 

to be immediately useful. Presentations are given on-site within military family communities, Seminars workshops,

discussions & individuals & private groups sessions are available. ODTC assists in creating on-going support groups

within the military family communities.

Healing Workshop For Vets And Their Families

Operation Dare To Care provides several programs for veterans and military personnel currently serving, to help those who are experiencing problems dealing with the daily challenges in civilian life. We also offer help to family members. These programs are offered as a special service to the community

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Healing Our Vets Mind-Body Group for PTSD - A 12- Week Program

Healing Our Vets Mind-Body Group for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

If you experience the following symptoms you may be suffering from PTSD

Flashbacks- Nightmares- Intense distress and physical reactions to reminders of events-

Symptoms of avoidance and emotional numbing - Loss of interest in activities and life in general - 

Feeling detached from others and emotionally numb- Sense of a limited future.

This special 12-week program, which incorporates an extensive Mind-Body model,

 can provide the tools you need to feel more in control of your life and hopeful once again.


Sarah Oetzel


Sarah Oetzel has been appointed CEO / Program Director for her Competencies:

Management skills as she promotes teamwork and collaboration.


Mission to unity and embrace all People who need help from coming back from war. The ability to establish a connection with the community and build a deprogramming center for PTSD victims for vets and their families. Have a safe place for our PTSD victims to express what they are wanting and feeling. The vision for a safe place to heal and move through the trauma that keeps them stuck in the past. The hope we offer through their economic crisis. We use the cutting edge programs for our community and vets!

Family Integration Programs 

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Have Questions? Contact Us For More Information

Email: [email protected]

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For more information contact:

[email protected]

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The Technology For Your Psychology 


8:45 am - 9:00 AM Registration, check-in

9:00 am-10:30 am Beliefs, Fears, Reactions Desires and how it relates to Mental Illness

10:30 am- 10:45 am Break

10:45 am- 11:30 am Emotional upsets, bringing awareness to the many different facets of "mask" one makes to survive.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Lunch

12:30 pm -2:30 pm Model for Handling Difficult Conversations when Buttons Are Pushed. Strategies for helping patients with strong emotions.

2:30 pm- 2:45 pm Break

2:45 pm - 4:00 pm "Climbing The Emotional Hill" by re-framing a relationship with self, resulting feelings and physical reactions


CE-CEU Programs

What This Program Is About

"The Technology for your Psychology" Program

Tools and techniques are given to clinicians that can be used and recommend for their patients as part of a Comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Approach. During a traumatic experience, the body goes through profound changes. Discussion on how to create a clear and understanding mind & body for ( the clinicians to engage their clients.) and enables the healthcare professional to have more success with their most challenging clients.


This program provides evidence-based and practical methods to improve emotional Intelligence & facilitate well-being and improve stress responses in the health professional's settings. There are many challenging situations in dealing with patients that confront the health care professional on a regular basis These techniques can reduce an emotional uproar and provide a "calm in the storm" presence.

This CE-CEU program provides tools (technology) for accessing and beginning to understand the internal landscape. The participants will learn methods to evaluate their own habitual responses, negative conditioning, and survival skills. They will be assisted in the self-study of beliefs, fears, reactions, and desires that are self-limiting and they will identify "masks" and recognize new ways to protect themselves and not only "survive" but "thrive" in the world.

Patients experience various levels of trauma which have many physical effects.

Dr. Bessel A Van der Kolk, a clinical psychiatrist and founder of the Trauma Center at Brookline MA. states "it's important to move beyond simply talking ... feeling that somebody understands your suffering is enormously comforting but it doesn't make your body know that you are safe. The real method is "resetting your physiology." MRI brain scan breakthroughs enable scientists to look at how the brain functions in real time, other than just taking a still photograph. Harvard research on Mindfulness Meditation shows that the medial prefrontal cortex shuts down during stress and lights up during meditation. Dr. Van der Kolk recommends yoga and breath work as a body-based therapy for releasing trauma.

The workshop includes in-depth training in mind-body techniques such as 3 Part Breath, Body Movements, Videos, Worksheets, and Discussion.


Participants completing this 6-hour program will be able to:

Identify the characteristics of feelings, thoughts, reactions, and actions in any given moment.

Experience tools and techniques to leave old "mechanical habits "behind" & begin to become more mindful and release bodily tension.

Bring awareness to thoughts, words and reactive states when buttons are being pushed. Recognize ways to deal with the situations in the moment with healthy actions, not just reactions and become more emotionally resilient.

Name several benefits of emotionally resilient habits.

Describe calming practices for healthcare professionals who are experiencing strong emotions and strategies to assist their patients and improve patient care and patient outcomes.

Describe, for this course, the implication for mental health, nursing, dentistry, and other healthcare professions.

"The Technology for your Psychology"

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Looking Within

The Technology For Your Psychology

9:00 am - 10:30 am Looking Within- the making of" the story"

how stories are connected with beliefs, perception, emotions, and conditioning.


How to find out an individual's program- This exercise will help you train your mind to utilize its capacity to respond in a healthy way rather than a habitual way, This is one of the steps to emotional freedom.

1. Who is the thinker of the thought? (Whose "tapes" am I dad? church? friend? etc.)

2. What is the purpose of this thought? (What feeling or emotion does it bring up for me?)

3. What will the consequences of this thought be? ( Healthy or unhealthy habits being formed, judgemental/critical or positive/affirming messages to myself?)

But it's dark and scary in there!

As you go through your life you usually look at other people

and events from your own perspective and only see things and

situations from your own point of view. Each and every one of us

fights to defend and protect our own point of view and

perspectives...but do you really know what you are fighting to

defend and protect?

Where does your perspective come from? Your individual

perspective depends on how you were raised, the events you

experienced throughout your life, and the stories you told yourself

about those events. Family, friends and peers, teachers, religious

groups, cultural groups, etc., have taught you what was right,

wrong, good, bad, acceptable, and unacceptable. This education in

“who we should be” has been called “domestic conditioning” by


Much of the drama and distress in your life stems from not

just your experiences, but the reactions, perceptions, beliefs and

conditioning about those experiences that you have taken on from


Whether that information you received was a real truth, a

distortion of the truth as presented by your parents, peers, or

teachers, or stands that you took about yourself and your life, it

lives in your mind as an image and a real condition. That image is

not really you. It has a life of its own within you until you

examine it with objectivity and awareness to determine if the

image is really your truth or one you have taken on from others.

Looking Within

Looking within is stepping into an internal realm. You

become a witness to your own acts. Every category of self-investigation

in this course has techniques to assist in creating

internal balance. You will look at what emotions are “stuck” and

trace the feelings back to the original event where you made a

“stand” about who you were or what life was about. You will see

rationalizations, justifications or even excuses as to why you have

taken those stands.

The word “stand” seems to indicate an immovable,

unchangeable position. But by looking within, you will find your

“stands” are simply patterns of reactions and behaviors you took

on based on past situations or experiences, and therefore

completely within your power to change when the time is right for


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Vet Programs

Healing Workshop For Vets And Their Families

Veterans learn simple tools to acknowledge and overcome unhealthy emotional and physiological triggers. Family members, as part of a cohesive support team, will learn techniques to improve their own self-care.

Shedding The Layers OF Your Emotional Story

.An enlightening workshop that helps us understand how we see ourselves and how others see us. You will recognize your own beliefs, fears, reactions and desires that limit you and keep you from living authentically and joyfully.

Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!

This helpful workshop provides support and tools for patients and families who are dealing with emotional challenges.