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the brain being programmed a word

programmed to conflict it has it is

caught in that pattern you can see for

oneself and we are asking if that

pattern can be broken immediately not

gradually either you think to break it

through drugs through alcohol through

sex through different forms of

discipline through different forms of

handing oneself over to something man

has tried thousand different ways to

escape from this title conflict right

and we are asking is it possible for a

brain so conditioned to break them that

conditioning immediately right this is

maybe a theoretical non actual question

machine it's impossible it's just a


just a bush a desire to be free

but if you examine the thing

irrationally logically which is part of

our intelligence time will not solve

this condition right that's the first

thing to realize not tomorrow

there is no psychological tomorrow I

won't go into that football I'm just

saying that's in Christ's time if one

acts if one seems actually not verbally

deep-clean one's heart not mine and

what's very very depth of what's being

time will not solve this problem that

means you're already broken the pattern

beginning to see the cracks in the

pattern because we have accepted time

right as a means of vice of unraveling

breaking up this program my brain so

when you observe clearly the time under


I mean we mean by time like as it is now

condition program I will examine it make

efforts to break it and conditioning all

that process involves time right so when

you do that you're caught in the same

pattern your move will not moved away

from it right but once you clearly for

yourself see absolutely your rubber copy

that time is not a fact then already you

begin to see the cracks in the wall of

in the enclosure of the brain right or

you do it now

because philosophers and scientists have

said time is a factor of growth

biologically linguistically

technological timelessness but they've

never gone I had some may have I don't

know we don't know

never enquired into the nature of

psychological time

and this inquiry into time implies the

whole psychological becomes right I am

this but I will be there I'm unhappy

unfulfilled desperately lonely but

tomorrow will be different

so is our brain which is common to all

mankind is not your brain may have

certain peculiarities tendencies but

this brain of mine and yours has evolved

through time is not my brain

biologically it is so it's not my prey

and that grain has been evolving through

centuries to come to this point through

confident makeover mu it whether we see

do we see together the rationality of it

the logic of it that our consciousness

not ours but human consciousness which

will went into milk every the other day

and to realize that it is the children

consciousness you've already broken the

pattern of individual consciousness

so if one realizes that time is a fact

is a factor of conflict

then that very perception is action is

decision has taken place you don't have

to decide the very perception is the act

and decision you have to please we have

to work together Georgia you listen and

I agree or disagree we are working


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