Experience, Skills & Qualifications 

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 Experience, Skills & Qualifications 

Joy Jangdhari

Experience: Presenter/ Facilitator 

Workshops / Seminars/ Presentation -For Corporate Wellness Programs,

 College Programs-Continuing Education Programs, Personal and Professional development programs and  Qualifications 

Experience & Skills

Recommended by Doctors, Counselors Teachers, Entrepreneurs, 

" Technology for your Psychology" program taken from the book

 "Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!"

                                                Author Joy Jangdhari

President of Operation Dare To Care LLC.

Researcher on Trauma and PTSD overseeing all the aspects of programs including the development of programs, facilitation of programs, assisting military personnel and their families in stabilizing their lives and coping effectively with daily pressures. Providing educational presentations and outreach program for military families including stress relief, positive problem-solving techniques.

Former Board member of Jasenovac Research Institute
Based in New York City and highly recommended for her work.

CEO Joy Events LLC.

Assisting and facilitating programs and events for education, motivation, inspiration.

Presenter / Facilitator of Seminars and workshops- Recommendations

 Del-Tech community college

Wilmington University

Hagerstown Community College

John Jay College

The Golden Sands  Resort- Ocean City MD

Wilmington College  Delaware - Personal Development Skills

MH Kay Dental Pavilion - Lancaster  PA - Corporate Staff Development

Worcester County Library Maryland- Featured Speaker for Calendar of Special Events

Social Workers Roundtable NYC

Genesis Tree of Life Yoga and Wellness Center   

Worcester County Health Department - Community Mental Health Outreach

Seaford Veterinarian Hospital  - Corporate Staff Development

Carousel Resort-Discovering--Personal Potential and Self-Fulfilling Happiness

Interviewed on NY special talk show with Diana Roberts (eye on mental health) explaining Joy's book on "The technology of your Psychology"(Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings! " Author Joy Jangdhari tools and techniques for a more balanced mind and body.

Worcester County Libary - Jangdhari's book was voted for best reads.

Johns Hopkins University  Dr. Gregory S. Pokrywks:  MD FACP OFN LA NCMP Recommendation

More Recommendations

Continuing Education Program Director of Penn State Helen Ebersole 

Drug & Alcohol Counselor Carol Murphy

 Psychologist Donna Ferraro

Joy Jangdhari has researched studied preventive health modalities for 18 years and among her education is now focused on Mind-Body Connection and is a Certified Yoga Teacher as well Yoga Therapist

Ms. Jangdhari has produced two TV Talk shows in New York City  

TV Producer NYC Time Warner Channels -  Spectrum TV

Host 2 TV talk shows

Inspirational, Educational, Motivational and has over a million viewers.

Jangdhari's passion is to facilitate the cutting edge education as part of a  "Comprehensive LifeStyle Medicine approach"  Dr. Pokrywks recommends

For more information please review the Joy Jangdhari Reviews video below.

 Reviews of Joy Jangdhari