When buttons are being pushed

What am I really reacting to?"

The beliefs, stories, and painful situations might not even be in our conscious awareness,  in fact, we might not even remember that the past experience ever happened.  But it is here, and in that moment of reaction, it is running the show. 

When you were young, you absorbed the worldview demonstrated to you by your parents and others around you.  At first it was "their" world, but more and more it became "your world" until that world outside yourself became indistinguishable from who you were inside,  You formed your identity based on what had been explained o you as good or bad, as pretty or ugly, and as loveable or unlovab.e .. You consciously or unconsciously claimed ownership of all the things you had been taught and are t believe in,  Once you claimed it, you then decided to defend and protect it!  You built arguments in defense of your life story, as you would build a protective wall around your home.  The trouble with walls is the higher and thicker you, the harder it is to see beyond them.

Exercise of seeing the buttons that create the reactions 

What was told to you about other people, places, and things?   what was right and wrong?

The question is "what is really going on here?" 

Remember all those beliefs, stories, and painful situations from the past that we have been looking at?   You know, the ones with emotional charges that we carry with us into the present and project into the future?  THOSE  are your buttons!

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