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Mechanics of the mind

The "Command Control Center" Control and direct the focus of the mind.

Like a giant console of switches at a spaceship launch center, your brain is a complex bank of controls and switches,  You can imagine what a small 7 year old would do on a school field trip to that spaceship launch center.... he would start flipping every switch he could!  And so do you sometimes you just begin reacting by "flipping switches".  In the example, the scientist would realize what our small boy was doing and would be hard pressed to undo the chaos,  In your own life when you flip switches haphazardly it is near impossible to retrace your feelings and actions in an attempt to understand your response and reactions. 

You have incredible faculties in this human body and brain.  But without a relationship to our mind what will happen?  You won't have control of your self to face your mind.  then your habits control you.  And when your habits control you., you are a robotic disaster.  call that condition anything you like-interlaced neuroses, crippled awareness, stereotyped behaviors.  Whatever your terminology, it is essentially a web of habits that rules the psyche and then you.

You can learn to redirect your mind through breath work, introspection,  As you gain strength through inner communication with yourself, this will aid you in increasing rather than decreasing your power.

Often, human emotions,  thoughts, and behavior are powered by four basic urges.  These channels of energy arise from four primitive unconscious fountains, which are your desires for food, sex, sleep, and self-preservation.  Like a geyser, these fountains are not always active.  When one channel is operating the thought might have the force of being pulled by a hundred horses.  The primitive fountain may also be dormant and it could have no power to make you act.  Though you cannot shut down the initial urges that come into your awareness from the four primitive fountains, you do have the capacity to decide how to redirect the energy.  The simple recognition of compulsive thoughts that originate from one of those primal urges can begin the harnessing its power and decrease its control over us.  The practices of breathing techniques, meditation, visualization and physical movement will help you gain perspective to see changes that you can make and to gain the willpower and skill to incorporate these change in your daily life.

Understanding the brain response that occurs as you go through the process of mastering your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Changing the mental focus.  The tremendous power you have when you have the power over your own focus.  What we are picturing in our mind, what we are saying about it and paying attention to it in our physical body.  The change of how we are paying attention to things.  

Guilt and shame grow in us.  We feel weak emotionally and physically.  We often feel "not in control".  The anonymous quote "No one can make me feel guilty without my consent" is so true.  You unconsciously participate in " beating up" on yourself.  As you might have noticed, it seems like you are either in collaboration or in a confrontation with your mind.  The mind uses many parts, and that the greater mind has three Functional Minds:  Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind.  Your mind thinks, feels and acts differently in each of these three.  They color all your actions and thoughts without the awareness and control of your mind,  you surrender your own judgments.  You let the mind decide for you!  

Example: Just imagine your normal condition.  You may be speaking to someone about a business topic.  Just outside of your central awareness, your mind sends you a stream of thoughts:  " You sound good.  Actually, you sound bad.  You lack confidence,  You are wrong.  You must be right...etc. "  Who is the judge.  If you do not control your projections and action from a point of equilibrium and awareness, then you surrender your judgmental capacity and your identity!  Your words and actions lose impact, coherence, and depth.

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It is obvious that when you have thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and speech there is some serious physiology going on!    Combining your awareness of the physical aspect of your brain with your studies of your thoughts and emotions helps you to understand the brain that occurs as you go through the process of mastering your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

We are conscious of only a portion of our mental activity, and much of our thinking and feeling takes place totally outside of our awareness.  As has been said before, our thinking process creates the "stories" about our life. These stories may include self-criticism and self-condemnation.

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